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Harvest Cherubs Montessori is unwavering in its dedication to creating a nurturing and immersive educational environment that serves as the bedrock for the holistic development of children. Embracing the Montessori method, we actively promote independence, curiosity, and the cultivation of a lifelong passion for learning. Our child-friendly campus, expansive open play area, and verdant green lawn are testaments to our commitment to providing a secure and stimulating setting. Notably, we prioritize the maintenance of impeccable standards of hygiene and safety throughout the campus and in our transportation services, setting Cherubs apart as a distinct and exceptional institution among its peers.


Cherubs Montessori Sompura boasts six expansive and well-ventilated classrooms, thoughtfully equipped with age-appropriate Montessori learning materials, fostering a nurturing environment for children to engage in exploration and acquire knowledge. The extensive array of educational resources empowers our young learners to engage in self-directed and independent learning experiences.

Play Areas

Our Sompura campus offers an expansive outdoor recreational area featuring a sandplay zone equipped with swings, slides, a see-saw, a merry-go-round, and various play equipment, providing ample opportunities for active play and creativity. Our young learners delight in building sandcastles and engaging in imaginative sand-based activities.

Furthermore, the Sompura campus boasts a picturesque lawn adorned with a canopy of trees, where children relish the experience of running barefoot on the natural grass and forming a connection with the environment.

Day Care

The day care facility at Cherubs Montessori provides a secure and enriching environment, characterized by controlled access and a robust array of safety protocols. Within the daycare, organized game sessions are conducted to both entertain and educate children, fostering teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and the cultivation of essential social skills.

Our art and craft sessions at the daycare center are designed to enhance fine motor skills and facilitate self-expression. Additionally, a diverse range of activities are offered, encompassing storytelling sessions and outdoor play to further enrich the overall learning experience for the children.

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The paramount concern of our institution is to ensure the utmost safety, convenience, and accessibility for our students. To this end, our school buses undergo meticulous maintenance procedures to guarantee the well-being of our students during their daily commute. Each bus is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, including GPS tracking systems, first aid kits, and is operated by experienced drivers who prioritize the safety of our students above all else. Furthermore, we deploy a Lady Chaperone on all our routes to provide additional support and care, ensuring that our transport system is optimized to cater to the unique needs of our students.


Cherubs Montessori, Sompura is conveniently located within a residential complex, situated along the main road. The school’s design incorporates a significant buffer zone between the road and the building, prioritizing safety as a fundamental concern.The school’s interiors are thoughtfully furnished with child-friendly furniture, shelves, and railings, ensuring a secure and nurturing environment for young learners.

Furthermore, the play area and surrounding lawn are enclosed with wooden fences, designed to enhance the safety of the children in our care.

Within the classrooms, a dedicated team of three adults, consisting of two teachers and a helper, is consistently present, overseeing the well-being and education of the children. 

To bolster security and supervision, each classroom is equipped with two CCTV cameras capturing different angles. Additionally, CCTV cameras are strategically positioned at the entrance, play area, stairs, and other common areas. These cameras provide real-time video monitoring, ensuring the continuous vigilance and security oversight by the school authorities.

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Cherubs prides itself on being a child-friendly institution, with an unwavering commitment to maintaining a hygienic environment. Our dedication to hygiene is paramount, and we implement rigorous cleanliness standards throughout the school.

To ensure a pristine environment, our classrooms, common areas, railings, and stairs undergo thorough cleaning and disinfection twice daily. 

In each classroom, we provide dedicated washroom facilities equipped with child-sized sinks and commodes. Our dedicated staff members consistently maintain these washrooms to ensure they remain clean and dry at all times.

In fostering good hygiene practices, children are encouraged to wash their hands with soap both before and after snack time, as well as after each visit to the play area, further emphasizing our commitment to promoting a healthy and safe learning environment.

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