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We would like to bring to your attention the comprehensive guidelines regarding the utilization of the school transport system for the safety and convenience of our students:


Timely Arrival: Parents are  requested to ensure that their children are present at the school bus or designated pick-up point at least five minutes prior to the scheduled departure. In case of any delay in reaching the pick- up point, parents will bear the responsibility of transporting their children to school.


Bus Stop Allotment: The Transport Department retains the authority to allocate bus stops based on various factors, including the number of students, maneuverability at busy intersections, traffic conditions, and the overall convenience of the students.


Reporting Offenses: Should any discrepancies or issues arise concerning the conduct of the bus attendant or driver, parents are requested to promptly report such instances to the school management or transport department.


Return Journey Protocol: In the event that no one is available to collect a student at the drop-off point, bus attendants are instructed to return the student to school. It becomes the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure the safe pick-up of their child from the school security office.


Bus Wait Time: The bus will wait at the pick-up point if the bus reaches ahead of schedule, ensuring that students have sufficient time to board.The school bus will not wait for any student beyond the scheduled pick up time. Therefore parents are requested to adhere to the timings shared. No complaints regarding this policy will be entertained.


Late Arrival Caution: Parents are strongly advised against overtaking the school bus if their child arrives late at the pick-up point. If a child misses the bus, it is the parent’s responsibility to transport the child to school.


Bus Attendant ‘s Guidelines: Bus attendants are strictly prohibited from accepting money for bus fees or engaging in tasks such as feeding students. Parents are  requested to refrain from making such requests.


Student Conduct: It is incumbent upon parents to instill in their wards the importance of adhering to bus attendant instructions, maintaining decorum, and refraining from any unruly behavior.


Disciplinary Action: Unruly behavior, including but not limited to fighting, use of foul language, or damage to bus property, will result in disciplinary action including the withdrawal of bus facility or any other disciplinary action that may be decided by the Management.


Boarding Permissions: Students are not permitted to board a bus other than the one allotted to them without explicit and written permission from the transport in-charges.


Informing Changes: Any requests for changes in bus arrangements must be communicated to the school authorities in writing.


Drop-off Points: Students will be dropped off only at the specified  drop points and not at their doorstep.


Transport Slab: To determine the transport slab for wards, Cherubs computes the distance between school and pickup/drop point as per the route taken by the school bus and not per online maps.


Fee Defaulters: Those with outstanding fees will be restricted from utilizing the bus facility. following due intimation, transport services will be withdrawn for non-payment.


Discontinuation Notice: Any decision to discontinue the school bus service should be communicated to the transport in-charge a month in advance and will only be allowed at the end of a term.


Change of Location/Route: Requests for a change in location or route will be considered, contingent upon availability of bus service  and seating space.


Complaints: All complaints regarding transport services should be channeled through the helpdesk for proper resolution.


Cooperation: Parents are earnestly requested to cooperate with drivers and attendants during unforeseen incidents leading to timing delays.


Communication: Written email requests from parents are mandatory for any alterations to pick-up or drop-off points.


Responsibility for Students: Transport authorities are responsible for students only up to the drop-off and pick-up points. Parents must appoint a trustworthy guardian for accompanying students to and from these points.


Contact Information: Any changes in phone numbers or email addresses must be immediately communicated to the school and transport in-charge to avoid miscommunication.


Cleanliness: Students are expected to maintain cleanliness within the bus, refraining from littering or damaging the bus property.


Dispute Resolution: In case of problems, parents are encouraged to submit written complaints to the Transport Desk or email the School Transport In-charge rather than engaging in disputes with conductors/drivers.


Cooperation with Transport Manager: Parents are requested to cooperate with the Transport Manager, who works towards the collective interest of the entire student community.


Student Behavior : Learners are obligated to adhere to safety rules, remain seated while the bus is in motion, follow instructions, avoid unruly behavior, and maintain cleanliness.


Escalation Matrix: In cases of violations of the transport regulations by the students, a three-step escalation matrix is implemented, involving warnings, suspension, and eventual withdrawal of bus facility.

For any queries you can write to this mail id:transport.hsr@cherubsmontessori.com

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